Did you know that asphalt can reach temperatures over 150 degrees? Parking lots are exposed to a lot of wear and tear, so it’s no surprise that the sun’s rays affect a parking lot’s well-being. Just as sunburn is a visual sign that your body is damaged, parking lots show signs of deterioration from the sun.

The Asphalt & The Sun

The sun’s surface is 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit and, once its rays reach the earth’s surface they have cooled significantly. Nevertheless, it’s still important to protect ourselves and our stuff from the damaging effects of the sun. 

Parking lots aren’t an exception and you should learn the reason behind it. Ultraviolet rays fuse with oxygen in the asphalt, causing the chemical bonds that give the pavement its strength to crack and eventually, break. 

Major Signs of Asphalt Sun Damage in Parking Lots

Surface Breakdown & Decay

Parking sections may become loose.


The main reasons for cracks are the sun, water, and movement. At high temperatures, asphalt is also likely to swell, which can lead to expansion cracks.


Asphalt can start to spread to the corners of your lot and thin over time because the tar in the hot asphalt mix begins to melt when heated to high temperatures.


The parking lot may begin to warp or take a different shape due to its melting.

How Does A Damaged Parking Lot Affects Your Business? 

Your parking lot is one of the most visited areas of your business, and while it may go unnoticed for the most part, customers perceive it when it’s damaged or looking unkempt. If you want to ensure a good first impression every time, you must invest in your company parking. 

We recommend checking the condition of your parking lot regularly, especially during the summer. It’s also a good idea to hire a professional asphalt contractor in Hibernia, New Jersey to provide maintenance every six months.

Blacktop Sealcoating: The Solution to Your Problems!

Your asphalt needs its own form of sunblock, called blacktop seal coating. This innovative solution helps slow down the deterioration process and protects the pavement’s integrity and appearance. It’s a cost-effective solution that will save you money in the long run.

A properly maintained and sealed asphalt surface has an extended lifetime and reduces long-term repair costs. Also, blacktop seal coating accelerates the melting process of snow and ice on pavement surfaces. This helps protect against water penetration, rain, frost, and snow damage.

Top-Notch Asphalt Contractor in Hibernia, New Jersey

Parking Lot Services LLC is an asphalt contractor located in Hibernia, New Jersey that’s well-known for its outstanding services. We have served many businesses, including fast-food restaurants, hospitals, local malls, churches, industrial parks, and much more. 

If your parking lot has sun damage, Parking Lot Services LLC has your back. We’re the best parking lot company one call away and our technicians are always ready to help. Contact us today at 973-586-111; we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have. 

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