As your parking lot continues to be used, it will experience wear and tear. It’s only natural that your parking lot’s pavement, which is consistently traversed by heavy vehicles, start seeing some signs of use. Like any piece of equipment, your parking lot needs repair to be able to perform its function at the highest standard.

As time goes on, your parking lot will start to form cracks, fissures, dents, and holes. These are all naturally occurring due to many factors. Vehicles traversing day and night, the sun shining down and heating up the pavement, even rain and snow are contributors to the overall deterioration of your lot.

New Jersey has seen some rough winters. The snow and ice cause the asphalt to crack at a faster rate due to the natural expansion of water in these times. What are the ways you can fix-up your parking lot to ensure it is always in excellent shape? 

Pavement Restoration

Pavement restoration is the process of repairing your pavement by introducing a new layer of asphalt or another material. This method is used to ‘patch up’ whatever fissures may have formed. It is either adding a new coat to your existing lot or adding some elements that will help strengthen the overall construction.

Some methods of pavement restoration add materials to the asphalt to make it harder. The Dowel Bar Retrofit method, for example, places a steel beam in the crack or fissure to reinforce that particular section and prevent further damage. 

Another method is slab stabilization. This is done by pumping a cement-like grout into holes that are covered by adding a slab into said hole. This method does not increase the structural integrity of your parking lot, correct depressions, or even help avoid erosion. It does, however, keep water from continuing to damage your lot.

These methods of pavement restoration add a new element to your parking lot. It introduces a foreign object that may ultimately damage your parking lot more. There is one way to both repair and maintain your parking lot while ensuring its structural integrity and strength improve.

Pavement Milling

Pavement Milling is the process of removing part of the paved area of your parking lot and then setting a new patch of pavement. As opposed to covering a hole, or adding a beam, milling breaks down the section you are repairing and resets it. The resetting prevents fissures to grow and repairs any other faults or holes that may form underneath the surface level of the pavement. 

When you mill your parking lot, you are able to re-cycle the pavement that was removed. The old pavement is added to a new pavement mixture to create a recycled mixture that is strong, durable, and sustainable. Recycling pavement also uses fewer materials and so proves to be a cheaper option for parking lot upkeep and repair.

If you are searching for a sustainable way to repair your parking lot, we recommend pavement milling as an alternative. A restoration project can be expensive, and it may add more issues in the long run due to the addition of steel beams and patches. Additionally, restoration projects may cause the overall look of your parking lot to suffer. 

A patch of asphalt sticks out like a sore thumb against a clean parking lot. The more restoration projects you perform, the more patches and protrusions you will see in your parking lot. Pavement milling repairs your holes and fissures while also allowing for your entire section to reset, thus preventing any further issues that were forming underneath the surface.

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