Keeping your business’ parking lot surface in good shape is more than just aesthetics. Small cracks and potholes can quickly become larger and more expensive problems. Potholes can create serious liability issues due to the potential hazard for vehicles and pedestrians. To fix this issue, hire pothole repair services in Hibernia, New Jersey.

Regular maintenance is important to avoid costly repair projects or customer and employee accidents. Parking Lot Services offers a wide range of services, including commercial pothole repair services in Hibernia, New Jersey. We’re committed to ensuring the highest quality results while providing cost-effective solutions that meet your budget needs.


How Our Pothole Repair Process Works 

Potholes can form during any season and should be repaired immediately before causing serious injury or damage. At Parking Lot Services, we don’t disrupt your business operations and our experienced team always exceeds our client’s expectations. Let’s explore how our pothole repair process works. 

Identify The Damaged Areas 

We identify the broken, failed, or liability parking lot areas that should be addressed.

Cut The Areas Appropriately 

The areas are cut square with a jack-hammer or saw cut – depending on the region or by request -and excavated to the aggregate sub-base.

Asphalt Installation 

We proceed with the asphalt installation at an average compact depth of 3”.

Perform the Final Touches 

Finally, edges are sealed with asphalt emulsion to improve bonding with the surrounding existing asphalt.

Keep Your Parking Lot in Good Condition at All Times 

Your parking lot is an asset to your company and over time it will eventually deteriorate and need pothole repair services in Hibernia, New Jersey. If you don’t perform regular maintenance, your customers will notice from the moment they arrive at your business. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to always make the best impression and keep your parking as good-looking as possible. 

Repair Potholes Immediately With Parking Lot Services 

Parking Lot Services has the right equipment and team of asphalts professionals to repair your parking lot’s potholes immediately. We offer a wide range of services including crack and cub repair, sidewalk repair, catch basin repair, and of course, pothole repair services. 

We’re located in Hibernia, New Jersey, and have been in business for many years. During this time we have served several industries, including restaurants, local malls, and condominium complexes. If you’re looking for the best asphalt contractor in town, you already found it. Get in touch with us today and receive a free estimate.