Keep pedestrians safe with proper, navigable sidewalks. Great curb appeal starts with your walkways.

Paved shoulders provide numerous safety benefits for motorists and pedestrians. Installing or widening paved shoulders has the following benefits:

  • Provides a stable surface off of the roadway for pedestrians to use when sidewalks cannot be provided.
  • Reduces numerous crash types including the following:
    • Head on crashes (15%–75% reported reduction)
    • Sideswipe crashes (15%–41%)
    • Fixed object crashes (29%–49%)
    • Pedestrian (walking along roadway) crashes (71%)
  • Improves roadway drainage
  • Increases effective turning radii at intersections
  • Reduces shoulder maintenance requirements
  • Provides emergency stopping space for broken-down vehicles
  • Provides space for maintenance operations and snow storage
  • Provides space for variable message signs
  • Provides an increased level of comfort for bicyclists

As a asphalt contractor in New Jersey, Parking Lot Services LLC, offer several parking lot services including sidewalk repair.