Nothing is permanent! Even the sturdiest stones break down over time due to natural causes. In the same way, your parking lot will begin to see some wear and tear after some time.

Your parking lot will eventually show signs of use. Cars parking, pedestrians walking, rain and sunshine, snow and sleet, hail and other natural events are all elements that slowly break down the strong asphalt that paves your lot. As a parking lot owner, you must establish a threshold of breakdown before preparing for routine maintenance.

As natural wear and tear continue to happen in your parking lot, what are some warning signs you must look out for before your lot breaks down too much? When is the right time to schedule maintenance to your lot? Let’s break it down. 


If your parking lot has natural features, such as shrubbery or flowers, they should be groomed and trimmed often. Trimmed shrubbery looks neat, professional, and it gives your business a clean look. 

Flowerbeds should not have weeds growing all over them. Weeds will show your clients that you do not care for the natural look of your parking lot and overall establishment. If you don’t tend the flowers, how are you supposed to tend to your client’s needs? Even the smallest actions can speak volumes about how your business is run.

If you notice any of the former happening in your natural features, it’s time to schedule a gardening day.


Clean lines instruct drivers and pedestrians where they can and cannot park. Clean lines help traffic in your parking lot, cars know where to go, people know where to walk, accidents are prevented. 

If your paint job is looking faded and dirty, it will be much harder for drivers to navigate your parking lot. This may lead to misunderstandings, stalled traffic, and even accidents. A driver who has stopped their vehicle to try and read a faded line or word on the ground becomes a hazard to the other drivers in your lot. 

It’s important that your parking lot’s paint job is updated at least once per year. This does not account for naturally occurring events such as rain, snow, or even hail. If New Jersey is experiencing harsher weather than usual, it’s best to do a post-weather paint job to ensure clean and fresh lines.


The main building block of your parking lot. The very foundation of your space is the asphalt used to construct your lot. Over time, the asphalt will show signs of use. Even after sealcoating your parking lot, it will eventually show signs of use. Cracks will begin to form, fissures may show, ramps will begin to crumble. 

When your parking lot forms cracks or fissures, it’s up to you as the business owner to define when you must schedule maintenance. Small cracks are normal, and they usually do not interfere with traffic. However, if cracks are longer than 10 inches in length or width, maybe it’s time to schedule a patch.

Your parking lot is the first point of contact for your clients. It’s important to keep a close eye on the overall status of your lot, to find the signs that show it’s time for a touch-up. 

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