Did you know that, on average, New Jersey gets 48 inches of rain per year? Also, did you know New Jersey averages 23 inches of snow per year? That’s a lot of water in your parking lot. When it rains, does the water pool up in your parking lot? If so, you may need to consider installing a catch basin.

What is a Catch Basin?

A catch basin is an underground reservoir that collects water that may gather during rainfall or snow. Catch basins are extremely helpful because they allow for water to drain out of your parking lot. The water that drains from the basin ends up in the local sewer system, ensuring that your parking lot does not flood in the event of rain or snow.

Catch basins, however, are not a simple install-and-go project. You cannot simply set up a catch-basin and forget about it forever. As with every single element of your parking lot, a catch basin requires care and maintenance.

While catch basins mostly collect water to transfer to the sewage system, catch basins also collect dirt, trash, and debris. Things will wash away with the water when rain hits or snow melts. There is, unfortunately, no way to prevent that from happening. The dirt and trash drained by the catch basin will settle at the bottom of the basin, thus allowing for the water to drain via the pipes located in the middle of said basin.

Maintenance for Your Catch Basin

If the catch basin in your parking lot collects too much trash or debris, you run the risk of having a clogged basin. A catch basin can only handle so much gunk before it needs to be drained and cleaned. A clogged basin may ultimately damage your parking lot. Water damage may occur and in the worst circumstances, you may even have trash pouring out of your basin.

If you notice that water is beginning to pool up, it may be time to schedule a cleaning and draining for your catch basin. No client wants to see trash and dirt collecting in a parking lot, that is a sign of irresponsible management; it shows your clientele that you do not care enough to keep all aspects of your establishment clean.

If you notice water pooling up in your parking lot, you may need to install a catch basin to prevent water damage. Additionally, if you have a catch basin and notice the water is not draining quickly, you must drain and clean your basin immediately.

Work With Us

If any of the former is the case, we encourage you to schedule a consultation or installation with Parking Lot Services. At Parking Lot Services, we provide a wide range of resources and solutions for your parking lot. We are able to provide consultations and installations regarding catch basins.

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  1. Luke Smith says:

    It’s great that you pointed out how catch basins are extremely helpful because they allow for water to drain out of a parking lot. I was reading a book earlier and I learned about catch basins for the first time. It is obvious that catch basins are very important, and it is nice to hear that there are catch basin cleaning services now.