An important element of parking lot services is the clear definition of your parking lot striping. Line striping contributes to the effectiveness of your parking lot, ensuring you have a design that is easy to understand, safe to traverse, and in compliance with standard New Jersey parking laws.

Good Design

A successful parking lot design has lines that are clean, defined, and easy to read. Lot striping gives your parking lot the necessary tools for drivers to traverse your lot in it’s intended way. Clean lines give your parking lot a professional look and create a more inviting experience for people visiting your establishment or business.

Bright yellow and white lines against black asphalt stand out, producing a clean image and sharp contrast. This color story shows your customers that your business is detail-oriented. Scheduling consistent line striping projects ensures that your parking lot always looks professional, polished, and up to date. 


Line striping ensures the safety of drivers and pedestrians in your parking lot. New Jersey is a bustling city, full of traffic and people. Having a clear parking lot gives pedestrians and drivers specific directions, ensuring a smooth flow of traffic. Additionally, lot striping provides backup for any traffic signage you might have. Stop signs, speed signs, and pedestrian signs prove to be more effective when paired with pavement markings.

Inclement weather conditions will make the lines in your parking lot fade over-time. It’s important to schedule parking lot striping updates to ensure that your parking lot lines are clear and legible. Thus ensuring the safety of those using your parking lot. In addition, updated lines will reflect light more effectively, making your parking lot safer to use at night and on days where it may be raining or snowing. 


Lot striping provides a clear layout for your parking lot. It’s important to create defined spots for pedestrians and drivers who may need additional space. In accordance with New Jersey law, parking lots must have defined handicapped spots that are clearly designated and marked. It is imperative to create an equitable space for every visitor who is parking at your lot. 

Parking lot line striping is an essential element for the success of your parking lot. Accessibility lines and handicapped spaces show your visitors the commitment you have with equitable treatment and fairness. Small details like that also help create a sense of security and loyalty for whoever may be visiting your establishment. Your parking lot is the first point of contact with the public, and first impressions matter! 

Stripe Your Parking Lot With Parking Lot Services

At Parking Lot Services, we provide a wide range of resources and solutions for your parking lot. We are New Jersey’s top service provider for all the elements required to have a successful and effective parking lot. Through us you can stripe, design, re-finish, or repair your parking lot, satisfaction guaranteed.

Our clients and partners include Ramapo College of New Jersey, McDonalds, Rutgers State University of New Jersey, Hyatt, and Costco. Our team of experts are ready and available to answer any questions you may have about your parking lot striping project.


3 responses to “Why Line Striping is Important?”

  1. I can see how striping your parking lot makes it easier for your employees and clients to the ones using it. I wanted to understand why this is needed after seeing a couple of ads that offer the service on TV. I’ll probably keep this in mind and suggest it to my boss once he decides to purchase an office building.

  2. It was informative when you mentioned that line striping can make a parking lot more accessible. It seems like lines would be able to more effectively guide traffic. I would guess that fewer accidents would occur if the flow of traffic is more efficient.

  3. I find it fascinating that line striping can help drivers avoid making parking accidents. I can see how this could help commercial buildings by creating driver-friendly areas around them. I will keep this in mind if I do move my business to a commercial space someday.