Asphalt is created by binding rocks, stone, gravel, and other minerals to create a strong surface that is modernly used for streets, walkways, parking lots, and all sorts of construction projects. 

Just like any bonded material, however, asphalt is not immune to the passage of time and the laws of nature. Rain, sunlight, snow, and hail are some of many elements that eventually lead to a weaker parking lot. When the top layer of your parking lot weakens, that leads to the foundation of your lot to become exposed to the elements. This, in turn, causes holes, fissures, and cracks which damage the overall structural integrity of your parking lot.

The eventual degradation of your parking lot can be prevented by performing regular maintenance. The most effective way to protect your parking lot and ensure its longevity is by sealcoating your asphalt. 

The Process

Sealcoating is the process of applying a liquid formula of acrylics or bitumen and water (or other fillers and elements) to the top layer of asphalt in order to protect it from outside elements. Bitumen is the binding agent used on asphalt, so applying it to the top of the asphalt with other agents helps create a strong, protective, hydrophobic layer.

A sealcoat is applied with either a brush, a spray, or a squeegee. This ensures that every inch of your parking lot is completely covered and protected. Your establishment should ideally schedule a sealcoating every 2 years. Although a sealcoated top-layer may last for longer, it is recommended to sealcoat every 2 years to ensure maximum strength and protection. 

The Benefits

When you sealcoat your parking lot, you are giving it an extra layer of protection. This strong layer will protect your lot from natural elements such as rain or snow. In addition, sealcoating your asphalt will double the life expectancy of your parking lot. As mentioned before, by adding a protective layer to your parking lot, you are creating a shield that will ensure no damages will come to your parking lot.

Sealcoating also helps beautify your parking lot. When a lot is sealcoated, it has to be completely cleaned out and scrubbed to prepare for the process. In addition, sealcoated asphalt is much easier to clean and can withstand pressure washing. This means your parking lot will look cleaner with less effort.

Lastly, because your parking lot has a smooth & sealed surface, vegetation will not grow in your lot. Sealcoating prevents dirt, spores, or seeds to creep into the asphalt; allowing your parking lot to remain weed-free.

The Caveats 

Because sealcoating is a delicate process, it must be scheduled with ample time. For a proper and effective process, any parking lot requires at least two full coats of the sealcoating agent. Each coat requires at least a 24 hour curing period before it can be used. This curing ensures that the coating mixture is completely sealed and adhered to the asphalt.

Additionally, sealcoating must be done in dry weather. If rain was to fall while the coat was still curing, the mixture could potentially water down and ultimately damage your parking lot. It is important to ensure that your business schedules a sealcoating in advance to prepare for these natural events.

Considering how cold New Jersey can get during the winter time, we recommend scheduling a sealcoating appointment in July. If you schedule your maintenance before a holiday, you are able to use said holiday as the perfect time off for your parking lot to cure without sacrificing any business days. 

Schedule Your Next Sealcoating With Us!

At Parking Lot Services, we offer sealcoating services for your establishment. We ensure that your parking lot is 100% ready and protected against natural elements. We also offer routine maintenance for your parking lot to help your establishment have the best and most effective parking lot for your clients.


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  1. Sealcoating definitely feels like something that could be a huge benefit to us if we can get it done the right way. Managing this sounds a lot easier than simply waiting for the damage to happen and then repairing it, as that sounds much costlier in the long run. Once I find an asphalt sealcoating expert in the area, I’ll definitely ask them for some assistance with getting some sealcoating done.